• First lectues: Week 35. No lectures week 34.
  • 23/9 Updated the file "myglm.R" for Assignment 1. Made two changes in the function "anova.myglm": 1) Changed lm(…) to myglm(…) and 2) Fit "y~1" or "y~-1" as the first model depending on whether an intercept is included or not.
  • No lectures Tue 7th Oct.
  • Thu 2nd Oct: We are done with Chapter 3, start with Chapter 4 next week.
  • Wed 15th Oct: Excersice 2 is (soon) out. NEXT lecture is THURSDAY 30TH OCT.
    1. We are done with the lectures about new material. Have discussed chapter 2, 3, 4 + 6 in the lecture notes + relevant parts of the appendix. No nectures 13th Nov. Summary lectures next week.
    2. Exercise 1 & 2, must be handed in, again, now with your candidate number for the exam. Deadline is Friday 21st Nov 16:00.
  • Mon 17th Nov: If you take this subject as part of your project (`fordypningsemne'), I need to know. Please email me ( I know already of sverrth and mariufa.
  • Results from the exam 18th Dec 2014: *01=B, rest got an A. Well done!
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