1. First lecture 22nd August (ie no lecture 20th August)
  2. No lectures the first week of October (work with the exercise…).
  3. Erik will substitute for Håvard 8th October (start on chapter 5, comments on assignment 1)
  4. No lecture 17.October. We will finish Chapter 7 next week, and go over to the 'big project' the remaining weeks of the course. We discussed possible projects today in the lecture, and we'll provide a list possible projects Tuesday next week. You have to decide about which project to do no later than Thursday next week (24 Oct).
  5. The deadline for resubmitting your assignment is 21st November.
  6. Next week you will present your project for the rest of the class according to the following schedule:

Tuesday 12:15, F6:

  1. Ioannis
  2. Martin
  3. Eirik and Johanne

Thursday 12:15, F4:

  4. Chris and Trine-Lise
  5. Xin
  6. Marte 
2013-11-15, erikblys