TMA 4315 Generalized linear models


* December 21st: Exam and solution sketch for 2010 are now available, see left banner Old Exams.

* December 6th: Permitted aids on exam:

  1. Tabeller og formler i statistikk, Tapir Forlag
  2. K. Rottmann: Matematisk formelsamling
  3. Calculator HP30S / CITIZEN SR-270X
  4. Yellow, stamped A4-sheet with your own handwritten notes.

You find blank, yellow, A4-sheets outside the Department Office, 7th floor Sentralbygg 2.

*November 11th: Guideline for presentations: Each presentation should be between 5-10 minutes, and we will have a 5 minutes discussion afterwards. Send me your presentation (in pdf) at least 30 minutes before the lecture, or bring it on a memory stick.

Plan for presentations:

Date Who Topic
16.11 Marte & Kahle Suicides in Norway
16.11 Elisabeth & Kari Cancer in Norway
16.11 Christian, Paul & Bjørn Erik Hepatitis B in Norway
19.11 Tong & Di ???
19.11 Lars & Eirin Soccer results
19.11 Torgeir & Anders Precipitation or not, Flesland
19.11 Raimund, Christian & Benedict ???

* November 9th: Old exams and solution sketches are now available, see left banner. * November 9th: Pdf and Rcode from the lecture Friday November 6th. * November 2nd: Pdf and Rcode from the lecture today. Pdf from lecture Friday October 29th. Pdf and Rcode from the lecture October 26th.

*October 13th: Ingelin will be in here office Thursday 11-12 and 14.30-15.30. No assistance Friday.

*October 11th: Alessandro had to go to Italy this week. Ingelin will be in her office Tuesday 11.15-12.00. We are working on a solution for Friday.

* October 5th: Pdf and Rcode from the lecture today. The formula for general family of link functions in the textbook (pg 139) is correct!

* September 27th: Pdf and Rcode from the lecture Friday 24th.

*September 24th: The plan (see left banner) is updated.

*September 24th: Our common working through computer exercise 2 will be in Sentralbygg II, 9th floor, room 922, Tuesday September 28th. Bring your laptop with R installed (if you have any). If you participate, exercise 2 is regarded accepted.

*September 21st: You can download solutions and dataset from the textbook here

* September 21st: Pdf from the lecture today.

* September 17th: Pdf and Rcode (found one bug after the class! a syntax error) from todays lecture.

*September 14th: Kahle and Marthe volunteered for the reference group. We have our first meeting Tuesday 21st. Contact them with suggestions of how to make the course better!

* September 14th: Pdf and Rcode from lecture September 10th (Friday) and Pdf and Rcode from todays lecture.

* September 10th: The free assignment (exercise 5) is ready.

* September 7th: Pdf and Wikipedia link from todays lecture.

* September 6th: new deadline for exercise 1, to deliver before 14/09/10.

* August 31st: Pdf and Rcode from todays lecture. Note: Click on 'Self study' on left banner for recommended exercises.

* August 27th: Lecture canceled! Self study: Read chapter 1 and 2, and do these exercises: 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.4.

* August 24th: The pdfs from todays lecture are here (info) and here

* August 16th: First lecture is Tuesday 24th August.


  • Tuesday 10.15-12, F6
  • Friday 12.15-14, F3


  • Monday 14.15-15, F4
2010-12-21, Ingelin Steinsland