Statistical software

  • The main computer package used in the course will be MINITAB. This package will be used both for demonstrations in the lectures and for exercises.
  • If you are used to the statistical package R, you may use it as an alternative, but detailed supervision of R will not be given.


NTNU holds a cite license for MINITAB (Windows), and you may download it to your computer. You will find the needed information here: MINITAB at NTNU.

Note that the license key changes every year at February 28th, so that after this date you need to change the license file. Information on how to do this is given in the above link to MINITAB at NTNU.

MINITAB is also available on several of the data labs on campus.

If you want to run a desktop from a Mac you should consult NTNU's Software Farm for Mac users.

Minitab INC has a channel on YouTube with introductions, examples, etc.

MINITAB Macros for TMA4275

MINITAB-macros for Nelson-plot, TTT-plot, and Barlow-Proschan's test can be downloaded here.


R is available for free download at The Comprehensive R Archive Network (Windows, Linux and Mac).

It is recommended to install Rstudio which is an integrated development environment (system where you have you script, your run-window, overview of objects and a plotting window). I'll demonstrate at the lectures.

A nice introduction to R is the book P. Dalgaard: Introductory statistics with R, 2nd edition, Springer and several manuals can be found at CRAN.

If you are unfamiliar with R, it is suggested that you go through the interactive session in Appendix A in the manual “An Introduction to R”, which comes with the software.

At youtube there are several videoes that introduces R and specific topics.

R Tutorial for TMA4275

A simple tutorial for the use of R in TMA4275 is found here. A more advanced tutorial for survival analysis is found here.

2019-01-08, Bo Henry Lindqvist