* 18/05/2010 The results for the second obligatory exercise are now available at the exercise web side

* 30/04/2010 There was an error in the qq.res.R code, here is a correct version!! Sorry about this and thanks for letting me know!!

* 26/04/2010 Lecture 14: To reproduce the Case studies in Weibull regression in Lecture 14 you'll also need this R code

* 23/04/2010 Next week we will look at the exame for 2006

* 23/04/2010 The deadline for the second obbligatory exercise has been moved to the first week of May

* 22/04/2010 The results for the first obligatory exercise are now available at the exercise web side

* 20/04/2010 The final curriculum is now available here

* 20/04/2010 Permitted aids at the exam are:

  • Calculator HP30S with empty memory.
  • Statistiske tabeller og formler (Tapir forlag)
  • K. Rotman: Matematisk formelsamling
  • One yellow paper (A4 with stamp) with your own formulas and notes

You get the yellow A4 paper with stamp at the department office of Department of Mathematical Sciences, 7th floor, Central building 2.

* 16/03/2010 Next Friday (19/03) there will be no lecture

* 09/02/2010 The reference group meeting is moved on Thursday 11th march 2010 (uke 10) 09:30-10:00 in room 822 (SBII 8th floor)

* 05/03/2010 The reference group meeting will be Thursday 11th march 2010 (uke 10) 10:30-11:00 in room 822 (SBII 8th floor)

* 02/02/2010 The previous exams (with solution) can be found here.

* 02/02/2010 THE EXERCISE HOUR IS MOVED FROM MONDAY 17-19 TO THURSDAY 11-12 in room R51 and computer room R52

* 22/01/2010 There will be no lecture on Tuesday 26th

* 20/01/2010 Link to the exercise web-site

* 19/01/2010 The ordinary exercises in the course are not obligatory. There are just two obligatory exercises, which will be announced separately later. These two exercises count together 20% of the final grade in the course.

* 19/01/2010 Under Progress on this web-page you will find a short description of the topics for each week. In addition you will there find links to files that can be downloaded (foils, notes etc.)

* 18/01/2010 The first exercise class will be next week Thursday 28/01

* 29/12/2009 First lecture is Friday, January 15, 10:15 – 12:00 F3

2010-05-18, Sara Martino