Additional information about the exam

Solutions to the exam

Compulsory exercise from 2020

Here comes the exercise sheet that was replacing the exam in spring 2020 due to the abrupt changes in the first lockdown phase.



Preparing for the exam

Here is an Rmd file that you should use as a template for the exam questions where you have to render an Rmd with R code into a pdf that you can then upload in Inspera:


I strongly recommend that you compile (knit) this Rmd template before the exam. You can then generate a personal template with your candidate number (not name), and where you removed the text that you will not need. Separate Rmds and pdf will be needed for different questions in the exam.

In case you want to refresh the very basic introduction into R Markdown, you can for example use the bonus part in the R course that we did in the first week:

R course - Bonus: Writing Reports with R Markdown

It is possible to write mathematical formulas using LaTex also via the Rmd and then knit it into a pdf. Alternatively, you can use hand-notes (either from paper or from an iPad or similar) that you scan, convert and upload as pdf. Please make sure you know how to do this before the exam starts.

It is very advisable to read the page on Digital home exams provided by NTNU.

2021-06-11, Stefanie Muff