TMA4268 Statistical Learning (V2018)

Lecturer(s): Mette Langaas (coordinator), and Thiago Martins (NTNU/AIAscience).

Teaching Assistants: Thea Roksvåg (head TA), Andreas Strand and Martina Hall.

In this course we will use Blackboard for all course information and for handing in compulsory exercises (three in total). The Bb pages are open to all - not restricted to students enrolled (except for handing in compulsory exercises). Go directly to TMA4268 on Bb: guest access.

All learning material used in 2018 is also presented

Recommended previous knowledge: The course is based on TMA4240/4245 Statistics, or equivalent. Good knowledge of matrix algebra and understanding of optimization. Good understanding of programming - strong emphasis on R programming (you will learn R in this course).

The course will be given the next time in the spring of 2019 - and at the same time the phd course MA8701 will be given (for the first time the phd course MA8701 is a continuation of TMA4268).

2018-05-22, Mette Langaas