14 December: The exams were graded and the grades are now with the administration. Here are the detailed solutions to the problems on the test. Have a great winter holiday!

30 November: There was a typo on the first review problem. I wrote \( | p (x) | \le 0 \) but what I meant was either just \( p(x) \le 0 \) or \( | p (x) | \le c \), where \(c\) is some non-negative number. Take a look at the corrected version of the problems. Also, do not forget about our upcoming review session on Friday at 14:15.

26 November: Here is a list of review problems. Solve them after reviewing the material and going again over the homework problems. Make a list of questions to ask me during the review session on Friday.

18 November: Just so you know, the final exam will be given only in English. This also means that I will grade all the tests.

I have collected all homework assignments into a single file, for easy reference. I will also post, by the end of the week, a shorter list of review problems. My advice is that you prepare for the final exam by first reviewing your lecture notes and homework problems. Then, when this is done, give yourself some tests by solving those review problems I will prepare.

16 November: There was a mistake on the last problem of the 13th week assignment: there should be \((sin x)^n\) instead of \((\sin (nx))^n\). Please check the new version of the problems (refresh the page first). Also, this is the last actual homework assignment of the semester, although I plan to post, by the end of the week, a list of review problems, covering many of the topics discussed in class.

As mentioned some time ago, I will give a lecture in the student seminar tomorrow, Tuesday November 17 at 16:15 in the lunch room (13th floor) of the math department building (SBII). Here is the announcement. The lecture might interest you, as I also intend to give a sort of preview of the MA3105-Advanced real analysis course that I will teach this coming spring semester. Plus, there's free pizza.

13 November: The homework assignment for next week is now posted.

NEW and IMPORTANT: Here is the schedule, as agreed, for the reviews and the final exam.

  • First review: Thursday, 19 November, 10:15-12 in S Rom 265.
  • Second review: Friday, 4 December, 14:15-16 in EL4.
  • Oral exam (for three students): Monday, 7 December.
  • Written exam (for most students): Tuesday, 8 December at 9:00.

6 November: The homework assignment for next week is now posted.

27 October: The homework assignment for next week is now posted. As discussed today in the exercise session, I will read and comment on your solutions to some of the problems. So please bring to me, neatly written, the solutions to problems 4, 6, and 7. Next Tuesday would be best, but you may, of course, bring them later, if you need help or more time with the problems. Just make sure you do get feedback from me.

27 October: We had our second reference group meeting yesterday. A suggestion was given (and accepted) to read and make comments on some of your homework problems, as a way for you to get feedback on your work. It would, of course, be helpful if this happened on a regular basis, but since there is no paid assistant for this class, we would have to settle with this being done just this one time. We also discussed some issues related to the final exam. We will continue with new material till the end of the semester. But we will have some extra review classes (dedicated to preparing for the exam). Moreover, I noted that the problems on the exam will be mostly in the spirit of our homework problems. Finally, the feedback from the students was positive, the lecture is well attended and students seem to enjoy it.

20 October: The homework assignment for next week is now posted. Also, as discussed in the exercise class today, we have two new students in the reference group. Please talk to them about our class on or before Monday, as I plan a reference group meeting on Monday afternoon.

13 October: The homework assignment for next week is now posted. Also, here is the assignmnet for this week, that I forgot to post, and which we have partly discussed today in the exercise class.

UPDATE: The class is NOT cancelled. I'm on a bus back to Trondheim. I will see you all in the morning, as usual.

NEW & IMPORTANT: The class on Monday 12 October will most likely be cancelled - I am sorry about that. Please check back here later in the evening or early in the morning. I am traveling and I was due back to Trondheim this afternoon, but the airport in Trondheim is closed and all the flights are cancelled due to heavy fog. I'm posting this from Oslo, waiting for more information.

29 September: I have added the homework assignment for next week. Please also write down your detailed proofs for the previous week.

22 September: I have added the homework assignment for next week. Also, here is the solution to the last problem from the previous assignment, the one we did not finish today in the exercise session.

15 September: I have added the homework assignment related to the classes this week. Please work on them carefully until we meet on Monday. Stop by my office on Thursday 11-12 if you need help.

8 September: I have added a few more problems to the fourth week homework assignment.

7 September: Please check the assignments for this week. I have asked you to read a few pages from Tao's book, ideally you would read them today (i.e. before the next lecture). I have also posted the new homework problems. Do as many as you can by tomorrow (and the rest, as usual, by next week). I will add more problems after Tuesday's lecture.

1 September: I have added a couple of problems to the last assignment plus some hints to help you with the trickiest questions.
I have updated the course information section with new office hours and the names and the email addresses of the reference group members.
We had a reference group meeting discussing some of the feedback received from the students regarding the lectures. Most students seem to be pleased with the pace of the lectures, with the way the material is presented (e.g. using drawings to explain concepts and proofs, making an overview of the proof before proceeding with the technical details) and with the addition and use of T. Tao's book. We also discussed the math background most students have – "Linear methods" seems to be the most advanced, proof based prior course. It was suggested to offer some hints for the homeowork problems that are too tricky or too unlike what it is being presented in class. The overall feedback was positive.

31 August: The slides from today's lecture are now posted. More homework problems have been added to this week assignment.

25 August: I have reorganized the assignments a bit, please take a look. There is a new set of problems on elementary and Jordan measures. I will add more there next week on Monday.

24 August: The slides from today's lecture on Cantor's set and function are here. The homework problems for this week are now here.

16 August: Hello everyone and welcome back to school. Our first class is on Monday 17 August at 8:15 in room R4. The class will last until 9, as some of you have a beggining masters students meeting planned for 9:15. We will make up for the missed hour on Tuesday, at 10:15 (if everyone is fine with that) or during the exercise session (which only starts next week).

2015-12-14, silviusk