TMA4225 Foundations of analysis: Fall term 2013

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  • 2014-08-11: The problems and solutions from today's exam are now on the “Old exams” page.
  • 2013-12-04: The problems and solutions from today's exam are now on the “Old exams” page.
  • 2013-11-28: Office hours before the final exam are 10–12 each day (Friday, Monday, Tuesday).
    Also, I would like once more to put in a word for the course MA3105 Advanced real analysis, which will be taught by Eugenia Malinnikova in the spring. It is taught only every 2 years, last time was in the spring of 2012.
  • 2013-11-21: As noted on the course information page, the syllabus (“pensumliste“) consists of chapters 1–6 and 8 in the textbook, and the note on Egorov's and Lusin's theorems (found on the Lectures page).
  • 2013-11-11: (This is not relevant to our foreign students, so I do it in Norwegian.) Hvis du tar emnet som fordypningsemne (TMA4505) i stedet for som vanlig emne (TMA4225), er det muntlig eksamen. Vennligst ta kontakt på mail så vi kan avtale tid og sted for eksamen.
  • 2013-11-10: Two items of note regarding the upcoming examination: (1) You may have noted that the code for permitted aids (C) means “Specified, written and handwritten examination support materials are permitted. A specified, simple calculator is permitted.” I hereby specify no written or handwritten examination support materials to be permitted. You may bring a simple calculator, but I guarantee that you will not find a use for it. (2) On reading the course description, I noticed this statement: “If the course is taught in English, the exam will be given only in English. Students are free to choose Norwegian or English for written assessments.” So that is what I will do. Special note to Norwegian students: You will be forgiven for some language confusion on the exam, as long as you present your arguments in a clear fashion. (Danish or Swedish are fine too, of course.)
  • 2013-10-28: During an attack of temporary confusion, I may have told some students that we still have Chapters 7 and 8 to cover. But Chapter 7 was never intended to be on the syllabus (see the course information page). Sorry to be spreading that confusion. I hope to be able to write up the final syllabus list shortly.
  • 2013-10-17: Oh rats! (Substitute your least favourite animal if you will.) I totally forgot the exercise session today. My deepest apologies. It's the first time this has happened in my 27 years here; let's hope it doesn't become a habit! As penance I will write up a complete solution to this week's exercises and post them on the exercises page. Update 2013-10-19: It is done.
  • 2013-09-30: I plan to attend the Onsager lecture on Thursday. It might last a full hour, so I could be a couple minutes late for the exercise session. (I suggest you too go to the lecture, if you have the time.)
  • 2013-09-20: I will be gone to a meeting most of the coming week (week 39). I lecture on Monday myself; Eugenia Malinnikova lectures on Wednesday, and we cancel the exercise hour on Thursday the 26th.
  • 2013-08-21: I have closed the doodle. It is quite clear that there is no time available that fits better than the times already scheduled. So we don't try to make any schedule changes after all.
  • 2013-08-19: There has been a request to reschedule the Monday lectures. I am not too optimistic that this might be possible, but let us give it a try. Please visit this doodle and fill in times that are available to you every week (or most weeks), including the present lecture times. (There is no need for you to use your real name on the doodle.)
  • 2013-08-12: The course will be taught in English. The first lecture is Monday, 19 August at 12:15 in Auditorium F3. The first week, I will also use the exercise hour on Thursday for a lecture. Regular exercises commence the week after. For more information, see the course information page. (The link in the margin is red right now, indicating a non-existent page. That will change soon.)
2014-08-11, Harald Hanche-Olsen