TMA4220 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Using FEM, Autumn 2023


  • 28.11: Updated exam preparation questions to fix a couple more typos.
  • 21.11: Uploaded a proposal for the solutions of the third exercise sheet.
  • 17.11: Updated exam preparation questions to fix some typos and clarify some notation.
  • 13.11: The lecture on 15/11 will be used for exam preparation. There have not been any requests for content to recap so the lecture on 16/11 will not be held.
  • 12.11: Published the third and last exercise sheet.
  • 07.11: Reminder: There are no lectures this week. From 10:15-14:00 we will have an extended exercise class to work on the projects. These are in the scheduled rooms.
  • 24.10: The lectures on 15/11 and 16/11 will be used to recap the course and for exam preparation. No notes will be made available for these lectures.
  • 20.10: Uploaded the second project.
  • 13.10: Uploaded solutions for the second exercise sheet. If you find something wrong or have questions, contact me (Davide) by email.
  • 06.10: Uploaded second exercise sheet.
  • 21.09: Updated Project 1, change in the last point of the last exercise.
  • 15.09: Uploaded the first project.
  • 14.09: Uploaded solutions for the first exercise sheet. If you find something wrong or have questions, contact me (Davide) by email.
  • 06.09: An addition lecture has been scheduled for 11.09 from 14:15-16:00 in KJL4. This lecture will be recorded for those who cannot attend and remain available until 15.09.
  • 06.09: There will be no lecture on 13.09 or 14.09.
  • 01.09 : Uploaded the first exercise sheet.
  • 29.08: There will be no exercise class this week, as the first homework sheet has not yet been released. Exercise classes will start next week.
  • 14.08: There will be no lectures in the first week of the semester, if students wish to prepare for the course Chapter 0 from Brenner & Scott is recommended.
2023-11-28, James Jackaman