TMA4220 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Using Element Methods, Autumn 2020


  • 14.08: The first lecture on Monday 17th of August (10:15-12:00) will be virtual on Blackboard Collaborate
  • 19.08: The lecture on Thursday 20th of August (14:15-16:00) will be virtual on Blackboard Collaborate
  • 26.08: The lecture on Thursday 27th of August (14:15-16:00) will be virtual on Blackboard Collaborate
  • 28.08: Exercise set 1 is published. Questions can be asked at Slack
  • 30.08: The lecture on Monday 31st of August (10:15-12:00) will be given in Room F3, Gamle Fysikk
  • 03.09: The lecture on Thursday 3rd of September (14:15-16:00) will be given in Room R4, Realfagsbygget
  • 08.09: Exercise set 2 is published, together with the solutions to exercise set 1
  • 09.09: No lecture on Thursday 10th of September (14:15-16:00).
  • 22.09: Project 1 is published. Everyone should pair up in groups of maximum three people, and send this to Tale, before 1st of October
  • 19.10: Everyone should now have received feedback on part I of the project on Ovsys. Part II of the project will be published 20.10.
  • 20.10: Project part II is now published.
  • 12.11: Solutions to exercise 2 are published.
  • 12.11: The exam in TMA4220 will be oral (on Teams) and split into two days: Thursday 26. and Friday 27. of November 2020.
  • 13.11: Exercise set 3 is now published.
  • 23.11: Solutions to exercise set 3 is now published together with the exam and solutions from 2019.
2020-11-23, talebu