Programming project

In the programming project you are required to produce a written report, in addition to an oral presentation of 5 minutes. This will count 35% towards your final grade.

The project is in two parts, the first project is intended to build up a code base to tackle the second part.

Everyone will pair up in groups of maximum three people. If you cannot find a group by yourself, e-mail me (Tale) and I will pair you with someone. If you did find a group on your own, then e-mail me the full name of all group participants.

The first project should be completed by October 14th.

The second project should be completed by November 20th.


Mesh codes

How to deliver the project

The project is to be handed in using Ovsys: Please send an email to if you don't have access.

Make sure you deliver both your written solutions and your programmes.

Only one person from each group should deliver the exercise.

For project 1 you should deliver all program files, together with a readme-file that explains how to use the program. You should also deliver a written report. This report should also be included in the final report for project 2.

2020-10-21, talebu