TMA4220 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Using Element Methods, Autumn 2019


  • 21.01: The solution for the exam is here: H2019 Solution
  • 25.11: Question related to exam ("Spørretime") tomorrow Tuesday 26th of November 11:15-12:00 at Room 656 in Central Building 2, Alfred Getz vei 1.
  • 05.11: No presentation of the project on Monday 18th of November.
  • 05.11: NB: all exercises in project 2 is in 2d (not 3d). If you want, you can solve the exercises in 3d, but then the code from project 1 must be changed
  • 05.11: No lecture on Tuesday 5th of November.
  • 04.11: No lecture on Monday 4th of November.
  • 28.10: L-shape code for Project part 2 is available.
  • 27.10: Project part 2 has been updated. NB: You only need to do ONE of the exercises in part 2 of the project. Also, in the last exercise (ex. 4) you are asked to optimize the code from part 1 of the project.
  • 23.10: Lecture plan updated and missing notes ready for downloading.
  • 22.10: The second part of the project is now published. It is due November 22nd.
  • 22.10: If anyone plan to attend the exercise session Wednesday 23. October, please send an email to Tale. If nobody does, there will be no exercise session this day. NB: From now, the exercise sessions will be in Nullrommet instead of in L10.
  • 14:10: There will be no exercise session Wednesday 16. October.
  • 14.10: No lecture on Monday 14th of October.
  • 07.10: The mesh codes for the project are available, please check them and report.
  • 04.10: The project is updated, so exercise 3a refers to the correct equations.
  • 30.09: Project part I is published. This is due October 14th and is a group project. The groups should be of maximum 3 persons per group, and you should send an email to Tale with all members of your group.
  • 23.09: Exercise set 3 is now published.
  • 23.09: Solutions to exercise set 2 is now published
  • 16.09: Task 1 in exercise set 2 is revised.
  • 10.09: Solutions to exercise set 1 is now published
  • 28.08: Exercise set 1 is now published. The solution will be published September 9th
  • 27.08: There will be no exercise session Wednesday 28. August. The first exercise set will be published soon, and the first exercise session will be Wednesday 4. September
  • 19.08: The webpage is online
2020-01-21, Abdullah Abdulhaque