TMA4220 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Using Element Methods, Autumn 2014

  • 25.11: I will be travelling December 1-8. After that, I am available most of the time 13-16 every day (there may be appointments I am not aware of at the moment).
  • 25.11: The results of the project work can be found on it's learning.
  • 18.11: The schedule for the presentations is ready on the project page.
  • 13.11: The deadline for the project is Monday November 17, kl. 16:00. The material should be sent by email to Geir [dot] Bogfjellmo [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no. The submission should be:
    • The report as one pdf-file, max 8 pages total.
    • One zip-file file with all the matlab code. You can also include other material, videos etc. if you like, but this is not required.
      The schedule for the presentations will be posted at the project page Monday evening.
  • 12.11: If you are taking this course as a "fordypningsemne", please inform Anne, so we can agree on a date for the exam.
  • 29:10: Please schedule a meeting with Anne about the project. Those of you registered at It's learning have recieved a link to a doodle poll with available time slots, so please use it (it has been updated). If you are not registered, or the time slots do not work for you, send Anne an email, and we will find some time.
  • 24:10: The note on linear elasticity has been corrected.The new verion is here theorypart2.pdf, and the changes are marked with red.
  • 17:10: Because of the project, there will normally only be lectures on Wednesdays the last weeks of the term. A schedule for can be found at the Lecture plan page.
  • 17:10: Part 2 of the project is now out on the Programming project page.
  • 13:10: The note on linear elasticity is corrected ( eq. (6), (7) and the last element in \(C^{-1}\).)
  • 08.10: A short note on linear elasticity, plus a bit about the heat equation. This note is relevant for the second part of the project, which will be made available in the beginning of next week (on Tuesday, I hope).
  • 23.09: The first part of the programming Project is now available on the Programming project page.
  • 18.09: A list of permitted aids for the exam has been included in the exam information at the end of the General information page.
  • 10.09: I am sorry, but have to cancel todays lecture. I have been temporarily defeated by a bad cold.
  • 04.09: The slides from the lecture yesterday.
  • 01.09: A minor correction to exercise 2: The equality in 1b) should only hold for \(v\in H^1([0,1])\cap C^0([0,1])\).
  • 23.08: Some keywords for the last weeks lecture is given at the end of the lecture plan.
  • 08.08: Welcome to this course on the numerical solution of differential equations by the finite element method. The first lecture will be Wednesday August 20. More information about the schedule, textbooks, etc. can be found under "General Information" in the menu to the left.
    If there are international students in the class, the course will be given in English.
2014-11-25, Anne Kværnø