Autumn 2023

TMA4215 Numerical Mathematics


18.09. The first project starts today. You can find the project on Blackboard.
25.08. We updated the Lecture plan for this semester. More deadlines can be found on Blackboard.
22.08.  We do need a reference group. If you would be available to participate in that please write me an email ronny [dot] bergmann [at] ntnu [dot] no
22.08. First lecture in H1 at 10.15


Teaching Assistants

For any questions concerning the exercises, please contact


This lecture will use the book A. Quaterioni, R. Sacco, F. Saleri Numerical Mathematics, 2nd Edition, Springer, New York available online (via NTNU).

Questions and Discussions

For questions and discussions you can use our IMF Digital mattelab category on TMA4215. While we would encourage an open discussion with your account/name, you can post anonymously, if you prefer.

2023-09-18, Ronny Bergmann