TMA4215 Numerical mathematics, Autumn 2017


Date Message
21.08 Welcome to the web page for TMA4215 Numerical mathematics. The first lecture will be Tuesday 22nd of August at 10:15-12:00 in K5.
04.09 The date for the exam is now set, see below.
04.09 The deadline for getting access to Nullrommet is on Wednesday 06.09, 23:59. Everyone without access should send their username and study programme to Abdullah via email. The access will be provided on 07.09.
08.09 The exercise session on Thursday 14.09 is moved to Friday 12.15-13.00, just for this week.
18.09 Project 1 is posted. From week 38 to 40, the exercise session on Thursday will be from 12.15-14.00
19.09 The solution to exercise 3 has to be updated. It might take some time.
19.09 No lecture on Thursday 21st of September 2017, i.e., you can spend more time on Project 1!
25.09 New supplementary books on Python programming are posted on the web page.
28.09 My office hour is changed from next week. Tomorrow (29.09) will be 12.15-14.00.
28.09 Project 1: Exercise 2a) and 2b) are corrected; you need theorem 4.4. Exercise 2d) was not wrong; I had just forgotten the derivation.
07.10 Project 1: Exercise 2d) and 2e) are corrected; you just need to solve a linear system.
23.10 Project 1: The reports are corrected, and the evaluation is here: Project 1 Results
23.10 Project 2 is posted. From week 43 to 47, the exercise session on Thursday will be from 12.15-14.00. The project session on Monday 14.00-16.00 begins from week 44.
25.10 Project 2: Some typos in exercise 2 are corrected.
17.11 Project 2: There is a typo in the article of Kjetil, on page 87. w_1 goes vertically in column 1, w_2 goes vertically in column 2, etc.
17.11 On Tuesday 21.11, there will be an extra project guidance session in K5, 10.15-12.00
07.12 Curriculum is updated!
08.12 Project 2: The reports are corrected, and the evaluation is here: Project 2 Results
12.12 Question hour (Spørretime): Tuesday 12th of December 15:15-16:00 Room 1329 in Central building 2
13.12 Updated permitted aids at exam:
21.12 The solution for the exam is here: Exam 2017 Solution

General information

Lectures and exercises


  • Tuesday 10:15 - 12:00 in K5
  • Thursday 10:15 - 12:00 in EL2

Exercise session:

  • Thursday 12:15 - 13:00 in Nullrommet
  • From week 38 to 40, and 43 to 47, the exercise session will be from Thursday 12.15-14.00 in Nullrommet

Project guidance:

  • Week 38-40 and week 44-47, Monday 14:15 - 16.00 in Nullrommet


Teaching assistant

Reference group

Text book and other teaching material

  • E. Süli and D. Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (2003).
  • Supplementary notes.
  • Svein Linge, Hans Petter Langtangen, Programming for Computations - Python, Springer (2016) Available online
  • Hans Petter Langtangen, A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python, Springer (2016) Available online


See 'Curriculum' in the left menu for last year's curriculum. Be aware that changes might apply during the semester. For a preliminary list of topics, see the course description or the lecture plan in the left menu. Exercises and solutions will be part of the curriculum.


  • Time: 16.12.2017, kl. 09:00-13:00.
  • Examination aid C: Specified, written and handwritten examination support materials are permitted. A specified, simple calculator is permitted.
  • Permitted written aids:
  • E. Süli and D. Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (or a copy)
Evaluation system and marking in this course
  1. The project counts for 30 % of the final mark. The final exam counts for 70 %.
  2. Note that if you do not hand in the project you will be able to get a final result of 70/100 maximum, that is at most the mark C.
  3. You get credit only for project work made during this semester.
  4. The total mark is the only official mark for the course. The marking of the project which will be published on these webpages is nonoffcial, and can not be referred to during a complaint.
2017-12-21, Abdullah Abdulhaque