There will be two semester projects in this class. Together they count 30% of the final mark.

You can form groups of 3-4 members for both projects. Once you have formed a group, inform this on e-mail to Abdullah. This should be done by Thursday 21.09. If you have problems with forming a group, report this as quick as possible. Then we can put you together with other ones who have not managed to form a complete group.

Project 1

Project 1 is posted on 18/09, and will be handed in on 16/10.

Project 1 Code facilities

Project 2

Project 2 is posted on 24/10, and will be handed in on 24/11.
Project 2 Code facilities

It is very important to read through all the code templates to understand how every submodule are going to interact. The second task must be done with Python. Other languages can be too complicated.

Some relevant sources for the project (You must be attached to VPN for downloading them):
Spectral methods
Optimal quadrature for univariate and tensor product splines

2018-08-24, Hallvard Norheim Bø