Problem sets


  • Problem set 7: Problem 1, a wrong element in the first row of the second matrix in the first formula in the solution has now been corrected.
  • Problem set 9: in the sublinear case in Exercise 1, we must also require that the sequence converges.
  • Problem set 7: introduced more natural indexing in Exercise 2 c) and fixed a small error in the comment to Exercise 5.
  • The solutions of Exercise 2 a) and b) in Problem set 6 were erroneous and will be added later.
  • There were index errors in Exercises 1 a) and 2 (the interpolating points and the formula in a)) in Problem set 5.
  • In Exercise 2 d) in Problem set 4 we should have referred to the equation from c).
  • Exercise 5 c) in Problem set 3 was unclear: the goal was to investigate the proportionality between the global error and the tolerance.


The problem sets are not mandatory and should not be handed in. That said,

  • you will benefit by doing them and also implement and experiment with the various numerical methods covered in the course; and
  • the exercises are included in the curriculum. 1-2 questions from the problem sets will be given at the exam.

Solutions to the problem sets will be available after some time. But don't just read them; be wise and active in learning mathematics.

Exercise sessions: when, where and how to get access

Mondays 16:15-18:00, Nullrommet (Room 380A in floor 3 of Sentralbygg II ).

Nullrommet is a computer lab with 26 machines equipped with Linux (Ubuntu) and lots of scientific software (including MATLAB and Python IDEs), but it is possible remotely access Windows from them, too. You can of course bring your own computer.

To find Nullrommet, either use Mazemap or follow these steps.

If you do not have access to Nullrommet, Matteland (floor 3 of Sentralbygg II) or the computers there, please send an email with your

  • full name,
  • NTNU username, and
  • student EM-number, that is, the EM-number printed on the back of your student ID card

to fredrik [dot] hildrum [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no. It can take a few days before you have complete access.

2016-12-03, Anne Kværnø