TMA4215 Numerical mathematics, Autumn 2014


Date Message
2.12 "Spørretime" Fredag 5th December 2014, 14:15-15:00, Room 1329, Centralbuilding 2, Alfred Getz vei 1
2.12 Curriculum for 2014 is uploaded, including allowable aids for the exam
2.12 The most recent exams with solutions for is uploaded
3.11 A note on Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations is available under 'Text book and other teaching material' below.
3.11 No lecturers are given this and next week, i.e. week 45 and 46. Reason: Full concentration on the work with the second project
3.11 Reference group posted on the web-page
23.10 The second semester project is now available under Semester projects
21.10 Project 1 evaluation report is ready and one student from each group got evaluation information via email. Those who got the points via email has the responsibility to inform the other group mates.
09.10 Exercise 7 is available with suggested solution
07.10 We will continue our exercise classes in nullrommet
02.10 Exercise 6 is available with suggested solution
30.09 Today exercise class will be in nullrommet
25.09 Exercise 5 with solution is available on Exercises page
11.09 Linear Algera notes and 3rd assignment with solution are available now
05.09 First project is available on Semester projects page
04.09 E. Süli and D. Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (2003), is now availble in the bookstore.
02.09 Today exercise class will be in Nullrommet. Those who don't have access to Nullrommet, write me an email with your id number, so that problem can be resolved
28.08 Second exercise is available on Exercises page. Exercise classes will be in Nullrommet from now to onward.
21.08 First assignment has been uploaded on Exercises page. You can also find the MATLAB lecture slides on the same page.
18.08 The first lectures will be given Tuesday 19th of August 2014 at 10:15-12:00 in EL2

General information

Lectures and exercises


Teaching assistant

* Lars Hov Odsæter (Will be responsible for Project 2)
* Room 644, Sentralbygg II,
* Lars [dot] Odsater [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no (use TMA4215 in the subject line)

Reference group

Text book and other teaching material


To be given at the end of the course. For a preliminary list of topics, see the Description. Exercises and solutions will be part of the curriculum.


* Time: 13.12.2012, kl. 09:00-13:00.

  • Examination aid C:Specified, written and handwritten examination support materials are permitted. A specified, simple calculator is permitted.
  • Permitted written aids: E. Süli and D. Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (2003).
Evaluation system and marking in this course
  1. The project counts for 30 % of the final mark. The final exam counts for 70 %.
  2. Note that if you do not hand in the project you will be able to get a final result of 70/100 maximum, that is at most the mark C.
  3. You get credit only for project work made during this semester.
  4. The total mark is the only official mark for the course. The marking of the project which will be published on these webpages is nonoffcial, and can not be referred to during a complaint.
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