Semester project

This course has a semester project which determines 30% of your final mark. The project is divided into three parts with separate deadlines.

The first project report is to be handed in in paper. The second and third project reports are to be handed in in PDF format. There will be a suggested number of pages which should not exceed for parts 2 and 3. Type the CANDIDATE NUMBER (found on StudentWeb) of all the group members on the front page of the report, but no names or student numbers. It is not necessary to include all your MATLAB code in your report, only the parts that are asked for, or snippets that illustrate important points.

For some of the tasks in the project, you are to hand in runnable MATLAB code (.m-files). The code must be runnable without the need for modifications.

There will be three deadlines to hand in the project work which is divided in three parts, tentatively the three deadlines are:

Part 1 10th of September 12:00
Part 2 12th of October
Part 3 16th of November

Note: The deadline for the first project is postponed to Monday 10th.

The deadline will be specified on each part of the project.

The project parts handed in will be checked and evaluated, though you will not receive seperate grades for the project work. You will instead get feedback on the work done. You will have the possibility to fix major shortcomings of the codes in part 1 and especially part 2 until part 3 of the project is handed in. Significant improvements in the codes will be taken into account in the overall evaluation of the project.

We remind here that you need to pass the final written exam in order to pass the all course.

For making the administration of the project as simple as possible (and avoid unpleasant confusions) we strongly recommend that you choose a group to work with and you stick to the same group for all three parts of the project. Exceptions to this rule can be made, but only if they are really necessary. The groups should not exceed three members, but we do encourage groups of more than one member. All group members are equally responsible for all parts of the project.

There will be extra exercises published regularly on the exercise page, some of them are from Old exams (which are mostly published with solutions), others are Matlab exercises. These will not be officially supervised during an exercise class, but are part of the curriculum. You can ask questions about these exercises to the exercise lecturers or to the lecturer at convenient times (for example by appointment). However, priority will be given to the projects until the 16th of November.


Tasks Additional files Deadline
Part 1 Norsk, English euler.m 10.09
Part 2 English 12.10
Part 3 English data.m 16.11


The first project should be handed in in paper form to Geir Bogfjellmo's mailbox, it can be found on the 7th floor of Sentralbygg II - Room 721. Note that the room is locked outside office hours.

The second and third project should be delivered by mail to bogfjell (at) . In earlier years, some students have complained about the loss of anonymity due to delivering by email. If you think this is an issue, make an email account via Hotmail/Gmail/similar and use this to send in your solution.

2012-10-24, Elena Celledoni