Useful scripts and functions

  • cardinal.m – Calculates the cardinal functions <jsm>\ell_k(t)</jsm>.
  • euler.m – Solves ODEs using Euler's method.
  • gs.m – Solves systems of linear equations using Gauss–Seidel iteration.
  • impEuler.m – Solves ODEs using the improved Euler method.
  • lagrange.m – Lagrange polynomial interpolation. Uses cardinal.m.
  • newton.m – Solves systems of nonlinear equations using Newton's method. Used together with newton_ex.m.
  • newton_ex.m – Example system of nonlinear equations and its Jacobian. Used together with newton.m.
  • rk4.m – Solves ODEs using the classical 4th order Runge–Kutta method.
  • stab.m – Plots the stabilty domain for a given stability function.
2010-11-17, hakonm