Reference group

If you have feedback on the course, contact the reference group and/or the lecturer directly.


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Ida Sandum
Lars August Melbye Olsen
Markus Stokkenes


1 16.02. The reference group has not received much feedback from the students. The general impression is that lectures, exercise classes (except time which we cannot change) and other things are ok.

Low turnout on lectures: average 15 out of 50. New corona time habits, many people are sick, other explanations?

We encourage all student to show up in the lectures! The ambience in class is very good and there is ample possibilities to ask questions.

If you do not agree or want to bring up other issues - contact the reference group or the lecturer directly.
2 23.03. We mainly discussed projects, and there was feedback from several students. Some examples: "would like more supervision capacity near deadline", "suggest pause in lectures close to project deadline as in some other courses", "coding takes a lot of time, debugging is challenging", "more examples would be appreciated, e.g. more jupyter code - e.g. for FDMs for 2d elliptic problems", "the jupyter code of Exercise 2 was very useful in Project 1", "Project 1 a bit long", "earlier feedback/results on projects" (this is a capacity problem), "when many groups ask same question, assistents could do it on the blackboard for everyone interested", "more help on theoretical problems would be nice".

Some response: This is very useful feedback, and I will try to implement many of these suggestions next year. I am not sure if we have the capacity in the staff to do it this year though (and not so much of the semester now remains). I will have physical office hours from now on (in my office) - so some more capacity to respond to questions.

Deadline: We agreed not to postpone the deadline.

The general impression is that lectures etc. are good.
3 27.04. Not much feedback from the students.

We discussed organisation of projects, suggestions: 2 and not 3 projects, more exercises, more feedback/solutions to projects. Much of this will be implemented next year.

We also discussed digital vs physical teaching, varying experiences and preferences. Flexibility of hybrid teaching is positive, low turnout in class negative.
2022-05-10, Espen Robstad Jakobsen