Observe that supervision for these exercises are by appointment with Geir. The exercises are not compulsory, but are recommended as preparation for the exam and are good training for working on the semester project.

The semester project, which is compulsory, will be supervised at Nullrommet (Sentralbygg II, rom 380A) on Wednesdays 14:15-15:00, on the following dates:

  • 23.02
  • 16.03
  • 23.03
  • 30.03
  • 06.04
  • 13.04

or by appointment.

All the exercises and the old exam sets are published on this website. The exercises below follow the topics treated in the lectures, and we recommend solving them following the stream of the lectures. The numbering of the exercises and the date on the pdf-files are not important. Just look at the topics. The exercises follow the topics of the course.

Title Exercises Solutions Topic
Problem set 1 Norsk, English Norsk, English Background material. You can look at exercise 1 a,b,c exam May 2009 if you have more time.
Supplementary exercises first set second set third set no solutions This is a selection of exercises in linear algebra from three different books. See also appendix A and the exercises in appendix A of the book.
Problem set 2 Norsk, English Please read also the nonlinear example section 3.3 in the note. English Boundary value problems. Parabolic PDEs
Problem set 3 Norsk, English English Parabolic PDEs
Problem set 4 Norsk, English Norsk, English Elliptic PDEs
Problem set 5 Norsk, English Norsk, English Elliptic PDEs
Problem set 6 Old exams: ex. 3 exam 2006; ex. 4 exam 1994; ex.2 exam 2009. Solutions: see old exams. Hyperbolic equations
Problem set 7 Old exams: ex. 2 exam 2007; ex.1 exam 2009; ex. 2 exam 2010 Solutions: see old exams. Finite elements.
Other problems Norsk, English Summary
2011-01-27, Elena Celledoni