TMA4212 Numerisk løsning av diffligninger med differansemetoden

TMA4212 Numerical solution of differential equations with difference methods


Beskjeder Messages
Dato for konteksamen i dette faget er 14. august 2009. Alle kandidatene møter opp kl.9 og vi bestemmer en liste av kandidatene. Sensor er Anne Kværnø.
Konteksamen er muntlig. Foreslått dato er 14. august 2009. Ta kontakt med faglærer om dette ikke passer.
Here is the exam and the solution.
Pensum er det som har vært forelest og detaljene finnes under "Tempoplan". The curriculum is what has been lectured in the regular classes and you find details under "Time schedule".
Treffetid før eksamen fredag 22. mai på kontoret mitt. (Her dere på skolen kan dere prøve også på den 21. det kan hende jeg er på kontoret.) For questions regarding the course material, I'm available on Friday 22th of May in my office. (You could try to look for me in my office also on the 21st eventhough is holiday).
I now have sent the results of the semester project and my comments on the work you have done to each of the groups (normally one person per each group has recieved my message about this, please comunicate the results to the other members of the group). If some of you haven't heard anything yet, please check with the others in your group, and if you still find that none of you have received anything from me, please let me know.
All problem sets, exercises and solutions are now available in english.
Next week the lectures of this course will be held on Wednesday the 6th of May 2009 in F6 form 12 to 2pm. The topic is old exam exercises. The lecures will be given by Bawfeh K. Kometa and will be in English. One of the exercises treated during the lectures is nr. 2 from the exam form 2007. (Exercise 1 has been discussed in the lecture of the 27th of March.)
En annen (kanskje bedre) måte å lage poster på. Se semesteroppgavesiden for utskrifttips.Another (possibly better) way to make posters. See the semester project page for printing tips.
To prepare the poster presentation one could use beamer or power-point, but also other techniques can be used. See this example. You will have to make a print-out (in color if possible) of the transparecies, which will be exposed on appropriate supports (if we can find them) or on the wall. Take some tape with you.
Presentasjon av prosjektene vil foregå neste torsdag 30. april kl. 15 til 17 i rom 1329. The poster presentation of the projectt will take place next Thursday 30. April 2009 ffrom 3 to 5 pm in rom 1329.
Første delet av pensum om endelig element metode finner dere på "It's learning" The new material on the finite element method is available on "It's learning"
Nå når prosjektet går mot slutten vil øvingslærer være mer tilgjengelig. Se under for info. Now that the project draws to an end, the exercise teacher will be more available. See below for info.
Forelesning 23. april: første timen blir en repetisjon av forelesning om endelig elementmetode fra siste uke.
The material of the lectures of the 16th and 17th of april 2009 is now available in "It's learning". Those who missed these lectures should study this material if they want to understand the lectures of the last part of the course.
Fasit/løsningsforslag av de gamle eksamensoppgave er nå lagt ut. The solutions of the old exams are now available on this hompage.
Tomorrow we will start with describing the concepts of dissipation and dispersion in finite difference schemes. Then we will consider exam sets from previous years. List of exam exercises for tomorrow's and Friday's lectures. Exercise 1 and 3 from the exam set from 2007. Exam set from 2006, 2005, 2004 all exercises. We will consider them in the given order and see how many we can cover. Everything which has to do with the finite element method will be not considered this week.
The lectures of next week (26.03.2009, 27.03.2009) and the week after Easter (16.03.2009 and 17.03.2009) will be in English. Next week we will look at some exam exercises and relevant theory. The first week after Easter we will start with the finite element method.
Referat fra referansegruppemøte er lagt ut på denne websiden. Past exams for the years 2004, 2005, 2006 , 2007 are now available in english.

Treffetid før eksamen

Fredag 22. mai.

For questions relevant for the exam I'm available the 22nd of May in my office.

Forelesninger (Lectures)

  • Torsdag (Thursdays) 08.15-10, F6
  • Fredag (Fridays)12.15-14, F6
  • Untatt uke 19 der forelesninger er på Onsdag 06.05 kl. 12.15-14:00 i F6. (Week 19 the lectures are moved to Wednesday 06.05 12.15-14:00 in F6.)

Se også (see also) forelesninger .

Øvinger (Exercises class)

  • Onsdag (Wednesday) 13:15-14:00
  • Exercises that do NOT require use of a computer will take place in F2.
  • Exercises that DO require use of a computer will take place in the computer lab "Nullrommet".
  • We might change our minds regarding precisely how much computer use warrants the use of a computer lab, so please check the Øvinger (exercises) page for specific info about each exercise before attending the exercise session.

Foreleser (Lecturer)

  • Elena Celledoni rom 1346

Øvingslærer (Exercise and project lecturer)

  • Eivind Fonn: eivindfo(at) - make sure to replace (at) with @ before sending. Also available at varying times in room 394B (you might want to send an e-mail before coming by to make sure I'm present).
  • As the project draws to a close, I will be available every day (23-29 April, except the weekends of course), from 13-15 at room 394B or Nullrommet. If you can't find me in the office I'm likely at the computer room helping someone out already, or at the lunch area just outside, or I'm off somewhere else (such as the toilet :)) and will quickly return. If it is very important I might still be present outside these hours, but I will not guarantee it, and in these cases you should probably send an e-mail to check if I'm around, especially if you're planning to do a lot of work and absolutely need answers.
  • I also, as always, answer questions by e-mail. If you can formulate your question properly in a mail, it is preferable for me, because I can answer more questions that way - and I also usually provide better answers. So please consider just sending an e-mail before running down my door, okay?
  • Good luck!!

Referanse gruppen

Kristoffer Hellton, hellton(at)

Minxian Le, minxian(at)

Teaching tutorials for foreign students

  • Bawfeh K. Kometa rom 1304.
  • The tutorials will be held every Thursday in room 822, Sentralbygg II, at time 12:15-14:00.
  • Here are some past exams in english : 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 .

Lærebok (Book)

  • Finite difference methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

Steady-state and time-dependent problems, Randall J. LeVeque, SIAM

Mer om boka her.

For enkelte temaer vil vi bruke også følgende notat forfattet av B. Owren. (The material from the book will be integrated by the following note written by B. Owren).

Semesteroppgave (Semester project)

Smesteroppgave (semester project) teller 30 prosent av sluttkarakteren. (The project counts for 30 % of the final mark.)


Her finner du Matlabfiler (Matlab files) som er blitt brukt i kurset og noe Matlab eksempler. Here are Matlab files from the course and other Matlab examples.

Vurderingsform og fastsettelse av karakter i kurset
  1. Semesteroppgaven teller 30 prosent av sluttkarakteren. Avsluttende eksamen teller 70 prosent av sluttkarakteren.
  2. Det er ikke obligatorisk å levere inn semesteroppgaven. Om man ikke leverer inn noen slik oppgave har man likevel adgang til eksamen. Men merk at da blir maksimalt oppnåelig resultat 70/100, dvs bokstavkarakter C.
  3. Man krediteres kun for semesteroppgave gjort i inneværende semester. Man får ingen kreditt for semesteroppgave innlevert i tidligere år kurset har gått.
  4. Totalkarakteren er den eneste offisielle karakteren i kurset. Det som legges ut av delkarakterer på disse hjemmesidene er uoffisielt, og kan vel egentlig ikke refereres til ved en eventuell klage.

Evaluation system and marking in this course

  1. The project counts for 30 % of the final mark. The final exam counts for 70 %.
  2. It is not compulsory to hand in the project in order to be admitted to the final exam. But note that in such case you will be able to get a final result of 70/100 maximum, that is at most the mark C.
  3. You get credit only for project work made during this semester.
  4. The total mark is the only official mark for the course. The marking of the project which will be published on these webpages is nonoffcial, and can not be referred to during a complaint.
2010-01-06, Elena Celledoni