Autumn 2019

TMA4205 Numerical Linear Algebra


  • 09.12 Saturday's exam and solutions.
  • 07.11 There will be no lectures in week 46.
  • 04.11 See the Project page for a potential pitfall in Project 3.
  • 22.10 The lecture Thursday 24th has been cancelled.
  • 22.10 The final project is now available on Blackboard. It will be due November 17th.
  • 03.10 The exercise/project class has been cancelled. If you want guidance with the project, you can instead come to my office.
  • 03.10 The proof of Lemma 6.26 which was used in today's class can be found in Varga (1957). The lemma appears there as Theorem 3.
  • 16.09 See the Project page for some aid to the first project.
  • 27.08 The first project has been made available on Blackboard. The deadline is September 22nd.
  • 23.08 The schedule has been changed. The Tuesday lecture is replaced with a lecture Mondays 14:15-16:00 in KJL24.
  • 21.08 It has been brought to my attention that the Tuesday lecture collides with TMA4220. We will therefore try to reschedule the Tuesday lecture.
  • 15.08 Welcome to the course. The first lecture will take place 10:15 August 20th.



  • NB Monday 14:15-16, Lecture KJL24
  • Thursday 10:15-12, Lecture K26
  • NB Thursday 14:15-15, Office hours Room 1350, SBII
2019-12-09, Geir Bogfjellmo