Reference group

If you are interested in joining the reference group for this course, please send me an e-mail or tell me before/after one of the lectures. Thanks a lot.

Summary of first meeting

Date: September 28

Participants: Markus Friedemann, Markus Grasmair, Halvor Snersrud Gustad


  • From the next week on the exercises will come out weekly until the next project arrives. There will also be added some other relevant exercises from the book and earlier exams, these will however not have any suggested solutions attached to them.
  • The next project will come out between the 15th and 22nd October and will either have a deadline at the 19th or the 26th of November. If we want the project graded before the exam, the deadline needs to be at the 19th of November. If grading before the exam isn’t that important the deadline can be moved to the 26th of November. A doodle poll will be sent out shortly so that each student may vote on his/her preference
2017-09-28, Markus Grasmair