There will be two projects in this course. The first one, which counts for 10 % of the final grade, is given in September, and the second part, which counts for 20 %, will be given in the end of October/beginning of November. The project can to be done either individually or in groups of two. Please submit your report as a PDF and the code as a ZIP file to Torbjørn Ringholm. In principle, you may choose which programming language to use; Matlab/Octave or Python are recommended, though. Please do not type your names on the report, only your candidate numbers. If your candidate number is not available yet, you may use your student number.

You will need the note Eigenvalues of tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices in the first semester project.

The code in the second project should be tested using the images frame10.png and frame11.png, which are taken from the Middlebury Computer Vision Pages. If you want, you may use the file mycomputeColor.m for visualising your results.

Results of Project 1

Student/candidate nr. Percentage
741673 90-100
741677 90-100
750352 70-80
750382, 764619, 750400 90-100
750551, 750345 80-90
752110 60-70
998135, 998094 80-90

Results of Project 2

Student/candidate nr. Percentage
10002 90-100
10006, 10001 60-70
10009 40-50
741673 80-90
750382, 763619, 750400 90-100
750551, 750345 80
752110 50
2016-11-28, Markus Grasmair