TMA4205 Numerical Linear Algebra, H2010


  • The final grades of the course are found here [pdf]
  • This year's exam is posted below under "Old exams"
  • The grades for Assignment 6 are now available. The score is out of a max of 35 points. [Results].

Course information

  • Lecturer Brynjulf Owren, 1350 Sentralbygg 2, Phone (735)93518, email: bryn(at)
  • General information see here
  • Schedule (prelim) Lectures Wednesdays 08:15-10:00 (F6) and Fridays 08:15-10:00 (F3), Assignments Tuesdays 16:15-17:00 (F3). See also here
  • First lecture August 25, first exercise class Aug 31
  • Teaching assistant Bawfeh Kometa, 1304 Sentralbygg 2, phone (735) 91975 email: kometa(at)

Reading material

Of the reading material listed below, you should buy the book by Saad, but not necessarily any of the other ones.

  • Y. Saad: Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems. 2nd ed. SIAM, 2003. (main text)
  • L.N. Trefethen and D. Bau: Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM, 1997.
  • J.W. Demmel, Applied Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM, 1997 .
  • G. Golub and C. Van Loan: Matrix Computations.3rd ed, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.
  • W. L. Briggs, V.E. Henson, S.F. Mc Cormick: A multigrid tutorial, SIAM, 2000.



Solutions may appear even before the time when the exercise is supposed to be done. It is however strongly recommended to do the exercise before looking at the solution.

Solutions removed

Matlab files


  • Saad: 1.1-1.12, 2.2, 4.1, 4.2.1-4.2.4, 5.1-5.3, 6.1-6.11, 9.1-9.3, 10.1-10.2, 13.1-13.5, 14.-14.3
  • Trefethen and Bau: Lectures 4, 5, 10, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
  • Golub & Van Loan: 2.5
  • Rønquist: Note on The Poisson problem in R^2: diagonalization methods. (See Notes)

Notes and handouts

  • A overview talk about linear algebra and the Poisson equation [pdf]
  • A note about the eigenvalues of tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices [pdf]

Old exams


  • Christine Haugland, chh(at)
  • Knut Erik Skare, knut.erik.skare(at)
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