TMA4195 Mathematical Modelling - Fall 2021

The course description can be found here.

Messages during the lectures, last message on top

15.09.2021 Referring to the e-mail you received on Tuesday. I will lecture as usual on Friday. I tested negative for corona, and feel better now. We pick up after last Friday, continuing with kidney modelling.
06.09.2021 The first reference group meeting is in the lecture break on Tuesday September 14. Please write Muhammad a mail if you would like give suggestions in order to improve the quality of the course, or if you just have something on your mind regarding the course.
24.08.2021 As informed, this years project is about batteries. For those of you who want to have a preliminary peek, here is a link to a movie/animation explaining the basics of rechargeable lithium batteries.

Messages prior to the first lecture

02.08.2021 Welcome to Mathematical Modelling, fall 2021. The lectures are given in English and will hopefully be non-digital. At present the situation is somewhat unclear with respect to the Corona-situation. If it is of interest, here is last year's exam. The solution proposal is here. Further messages will be published here. Stay tuned.
10.08.2021 From October 4. the Tuesday lectures will be given on Mondays 1415-1600 in R8 instead. As announced, before October 4. lectures are given Tuesdays 1015-1200 in EL3.
11.08.2021 With the current Corona restrictions we do have room capacity to give normal physical lectures. In addition, all lectures were filmed last semester and are available under "Lecture Plan" to your left. We plan to give the same curriculum as given last year.
18.08.2021 As you know, with current regulations the lectures will proceed as in a normal non-covid year.
18.08.2021 For your information, this years project topic will be modelling of batteries. A hot topic these days!
18.08.2021 For any foreign students arriving later this semester, both this year's notes and last year's film recording are available. This would also apply for students feeling uncomfortable sitting in class rooms with the current covid situation.
18.08.2021 Any one with special needs for the physical exam in December (extra time or other requests) must apply for this before September 15. See here.
31.08.2021 First exercise class will be held this Friday in S6 from 10:15-11:00.
2021-09-15, Dag Wessel-Berg