Reference group

The following students have volunteered for the reference group:


Please let them know about any issues arising in this course or any suggestions you have for improving the lecture.

First meeting (Wed, Oct 03)

  • Some students would have asked whether it is possible to provide the lecturer's notes as handouts.
    • This would require a major additional effort; in their current form, the notes are not useable.
  • Provide better motivations to examples and try to explain the goals of those examples better.
  • There is sometimes too large a difference in the difficulty of the exercises. It would be better to have a larger number of easy and intermediate exercises in preparation of the difficult ones.
  • Try to modernise the course by discussing more recent examples and applications.

Second meeting (Fri, Nov 16)

  • The project was of an ok difficulty; not too hard, but there were still enough difficult parts.
  • Specifically for the numerical parts, some more guidance would be helpful.
  • The voting for the best presentation is very unpopular, especially among the Norwegian students. The reference group recommends to get rid of the voting in the future lectures, or at least to replace the bonus points for the final grade by some non-grade-related prize.
  • The presentations themselves are seen positively and helpful by the students.
  • The size of the pensum of the course appears to be ok.
2019-01-15, Hallvard Norheim Bø