General Information


Lectures (preliminary)

  • Monday 10:15-12:00, room KJL4.
  • Tuesday 12.15-14:00, room MA24.

Office hour Thursday 10.15-11.

Practice hour

  • Thursdays 9.15 -10, room R20.

A set of exercises will be given each week. They should be regarded as part of the curriculum, but they are not required to be handed in.


  • J.M. Lee, Introduction to Smooth manifolds, Springer-Verlag. The first edition (2003) has essentially the same contents, but is organized differently.

We may occationally make use of texts/exercises in other books, see below. In particular, the following book can be useful for the student as a supplementary text, it is perhaps more elementary but covers much of our topics. It is freely accessible on the web (thanks Bjørn!):

Alternative books and additional literature

  • M.Spivak, A comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, Vol.1. Publish or Perish.
  • A.A. Kosinski, Differential Manifolds. With a New Appendix by J.W. Morgan on the Work of Grigory Pererman, Dover Publications, 2007.
  • T.Bröcker, K.Jänich, Introduction to differential topology, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1982.
  • F. Brickell,R.S.Clark, Differentiable manifolds, Van Nostrand Reinhold, London 1970
  • W.M. Boothby, An introduction to differentiable manifolds and Riemannian geometry, Academic Press, 1975.
  • J. R.Munkres, Analysis on manifolds, Westview Press 1991
  • J. Milnor, Topology from the differentiable viewpoint, The University Press of Virginia,1969
  • Guillemin and Pollack, Differential Topology, Prentice Hall, 1974 (eller nyare)


  • Thursday 9 June 2016.
2016-01-31, Eldar Straume