New messages

11/5: My final office hours before the exam will be Friday May 12, 10-12. I will also be available by e-mail.

3/5: Note that the exam will be given in English only. You may answer in Norwegian or English.

20/4: The permitted aids code for this course is "C: Specified printed and hand-written support material is allowed. A specific basic calculator is allowed." On the exam, I will specify that all printed and hand-written support material is allowed.

Old messages

27/3: We will begin revision with the 2009 exam today.

16/3: There will be no lectures on April 3 and 4 (the week before Easter).

31/1: Office hours today are cancelled.

16/1: There will be no change to the course schedule.

16/1: It has come to my attention that some of you have a scheduling collision Tuesday morning. We will see if it is possible to move the Tuesday lecture today. Until otherwise has been said, the Tuesday lectures will continue unchanged.

3/1: The first lecture will be Monday January 9.

2017-05-11, Kristian Gjøsteen