01/06: The exam and proposed solutions.

29/05: Information about the examination room is now available (Kjellhuset).

04/05: The exam is an open book one. If you have any questions regarding the course, please send me an email.

20/04: We have agreed to have 2 revision classes next week at the usual time&place. During these we will also go through past exam questions of your choice.

19/04: Tomorrow, Friday 20/04, is the last day of lectures. Depending on demand, we can have revision class(es) next week. Let me know by email/in class if you would like that.

19/04: New exercises have been added.

10/04: On Thursday 12/04 we will have an exercises class after the lecture. If you cannot attend and need help, either send me your questions by email or come by my office another time.

02/04: I wish you all Happy Easter.

22/03: The lecture tomorrow, Friday 23/03, is unfortunately cancelled due to an emergency. Lectures will continue as usual next week with Kristian Gjøsteen covering for me. I will see you again after Easter (week 15). Please feel free to contact me by email if you need to.
As a subtitute for the lecture, you can go the lunchroom on the 13th floor of S.B.II for the mathematical pearls lecture.

16/03: New exercises have been given.

16/02: Exercises on the material covered so far have been given.

09/02: If you know in advance that you can't attend a lecture, please inform me.

03/02: Since some people have been coming the second lecturing hour of lectures, from now on we will have breaks after 45mins.

27/01: The time for Exercise classes has been given. I will usually be in my office for answering questions during that time. Sometimes it might be appropriate to have a proper exercises class session instead. This will be held in F2 and you will be warned about it in advance.

19/01: During our first lecture tomorrow, Friday 20/01 at 12.15-13.00, we agreed to meet in the lunchroom on the 13th floor of S.B.II for the mathematical pearls lecture. The second lecture (13.15-14.00) will go as usual.

13/01: The turn-up today was again sufficient so it seems we'll be having a proper course instead of a self-study course. If you are interested in attending but haven't sent me an email yet, please do so now (also if you already have but in the meantime have changed your mind).

12/01: We meet again tomorrow, Friday January 13th at 12.15 in R21. If you plan on attending this course, please send me an email containing your name.

11/01: The first meeting is tomorrow, Thursday January 12th at 14.15 in F3. Topics: Brief introduction of the course and schedule overview. If you are interested but can't attend please send me an email.

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