TMA4183 Optimization II, Spring 2021

The course description can be found here.


09.03.2021 Recording of Tuesday's lecture and further information about FEniCS uploaded to blackboard - Learning Materials
07.03.2021 On blackboard you can now find the recording of Friday's lecture. Unfortunately, due to a technical mishap several students are visible. If you would like me to remove the video please let me know.
03.03.2021 On blackboard, you can find the recording of yesterday's lecture, where Dietmar presented the different projects, as well as his slides/notes.
02.03.2021 This is just a reminder that we have pure online lectures in weeks 9-11, as Dietmar Hömberg is taking over the class in that time period.
26.02.2021 Next week (CW 9), we will start with the work on the projects. We will have four project groups with three students each. If you already have found a group, one of the group members should send me an e-mail with the names of the group members. Else, if you want to write the project but have not yet found a group, please send me an e-mail.
The projects are organised by Dietmar Hömberg, who will also take over the lecture from March 1 to March 19. Since he cannot come to Norway at the moment, this will, unfortunately, also mean, that we have to revert to pure online lectures during these weeks.
The lecture on March 2 will be used for the presentation of the projects and the assignment to the different groups. Thus at least one student from each group should be present.
19.02.2021 Sorry for the late online start of today's lecture. Due to eduroam not working, I had some (hopefully understandable) difficulties connecting to zoom.
16.02.2021 Starting with Thursday, February 18, all activities will again take place on campus.
16.02.2021 Starting with Thursday, February 18, the exercise classes will take place on Thursdays 16-18 instead of 8-10. It should be possible to use the same room (F4) as before.
10.02.2021 I am sorry for having to announce that we are forced to return to online exercises and lectures for now.
10.02.2021 The recordings of lectures 7-9 are available on blackboard.
01.02.2021 Please note that the lecture halls have been changed. You can find the updated information here.
29.01.2021 The recordings of the 5th and 6th lecture are now available on blackboard.
25.01.2021 We will switch to physical lectures starting with February 2 if the situation permits it. In the current week (CW4), we will still have online lectures and an online exercise class on Thursday. After that, the lectures and exercises are planned to take place on campus, though I will try to continue streaming and recording via zoom for all those who cannot be physically present.
25.01.2021 The recording of the 4th lecture is now available on blackboard.
19.01.2021 The recording of the 3rd lecture an the 1st exercise sheet are now available on blackboard. You can also find the exercise sheet on the wiki page here.
18.01.2021 The recording of the 2nd lecture is now available on blackboard.
12.01.2021 You can find the recording of today's lecture on blackboard (under "Zoom link and lectures").
04.01.2021 Welcome to the course Optimisation II in spring 2021. Lectures will start on January 12. The first two weeks will be held online via zoom; you can find a link on blackboard. I hope that we can return to usual lectures after that point.
2021-03-09, Dietmar Josef Hömberg