Here you can find exercise sheets and, at a later point, proposed solutions.

If you get stuck in some of the exercises (but no sooner than that!), you may have a look at the hints.

Session on Exercise Hints Suggested Solution
January 28 Exercise 1 Hints 1 Solutions 1
February 4 Exercise 2 Hints 2 Solutions 2
February 11 Exercise 31) Hints 3 Solutions 3
February 18 Exercise 4 Hints 4 Solutions 4
February 25 Exercise 5 Hints 5
March 25 Exercise 6
April 8 Exercise 7 Hints 7
April 15 Exercise 8
April 22 Exercise 9 Hints 9
Unfortunately, I was not reading through my problems carefully enough before uploading them, and thus Problem 2b turned out to be completely wrong: Actually, this PDE has never a unique solution; either it is unsolvable or it has infinitely many solutions. In order to make the problem work as intended, it is necessary to replace the term \(fy\) in the integral over \(\Omega\) by \((f-y)^2\).
2021-04-26, Markus Grasmair