TMA4183 Optimization II, Spring 2020

The course description can be found here.


04.05.2020 The exams will take place on May 20 and May 27 via zoom. Please fill in the exam schedule here before May 10. On May 18 and May 25 at 15:00, we will also arrange zoom meetings to test the technical set-up.
02.04.2020 We will have project presentations on April 16 at 09:15 via zoom. I will send you a link to the zoom meeting a few days before.
13.03.2020 There won't be any lectures next week (CW 12). Feel free to contact me or Dietmar via e-mail, if you have any questions or need help with the project.
Starting from week 13 (Monday, March 23), we have "regular" lectures via blackboard collaborate at the usual lecture/exercise times.
13.02.2020 In the lecture on Thursday, February 20, Dietmar Hömberg will present the projects for this class. Please send an e-mail to us, if you intend to work on the project but cannot attend that lecture.
20.01.2020 On blackboard, you can find scans of my handwritten lecture notes.
07.01.2020 The exercise classes will be held on Thursdays 10:15–11:00 in room S23 (Sentralbygg II, 2nd floor).
06.01.2020 The lectures will take place on Mondays and Thursdays 08:15–10:00 in room 734 (Sentralbygg II, 7th floor). The exercises will tentatively take place on Thursdays 10:15–11:00 provided that we can find a room. I apologise for the inconvenience.
13.12.2019 Welcome to the course Optimisation II in spring 2020. The first meeting, where we will discuss the schedule, will take place on Monday, January 06, at 10:15 in room R57.
2020-05-04, Markus Grasmair