TMA4183 Optimization II, Spring 2019

The course description can be found here.


22.05.2019 As discussed in the lecture, all exams will take place on Friday, May 31, in room 656 (6th floor, Sentralbygg II). Please fill out this google sheet to reserve a time slot.
12.04.2019 The project presentations will take place on Thursday, April 25, at 14:15 in room S21.
27.03.2019 We will have an exercise session on next Monday, April 1, where we will discuss parts of the exercise sheet Dietmar has handed out.
04.03.2019 This is just a reminder that Dietmar Hömberg will take over the lecture starting with Thursday, March 7, for work on the course project. Tomorrow, March 5, will be still a regular lecture.
17.02.2019 Since I am on a conference, there won't be any lectures or exercises this week (Feb 18-22).
30.01.2019 The second exercise sheet for the exercise class on February 4 is now online.
25.01.2019 Contrary to what I said yesterday, the lectures next week will take place in the usual rooms, that is, 734 on Tuesday and 656 on Thursday. Note, however, that we won't have an exercise class, the next one being scheduled for February 5.
10.01.2019 I am sorry to say that the best lecture times, according to the doodle poll, are Tuesday 16-18 and Thursday 16-18, and the best time for the exercise classes is Monday 12-14. Details can be found here.
08.01.2019 Please fill in this doodle poll as soon as possible, so that we can find a suitable time slot for this class.
07.01.2019 Happy new year and welcome to the course in Optimisation II in the spring term 2019.
2019-05-22, Markus Grasmair