TMA4180 Optimization I, Spring 2021

The course description can be found here.

04.06.21 Dear all,
We have now published the results of the project on Blackboard. The results were very good, see the below graphic for the points that were achieved (out of 100 max. points). Congratulations to the group that received 99 points!
We have also finalized the grading of the home exam. The final grade (home exam 70% and project 30%) will be published as soon as possible.
With best regards, have a nice weekend,
05.05.21 On Friday, 07.05, at 9.15, Esten will go through last years exam with suggested solutions. See zoom invitation on blackboard.
30.04.21 There will be no video today. Good luck with submitting the projects!
23.04.21 We will have an online-lecture on Monday 26.04. again (please use our usual zoom link).
16.04.21 The online lecture on Monday 19.04. will be given by Esten Wøien via zoom. Please use the same zoom invitation as usual.
09.04.21 Physical Lectures Still Cancelled
I have uploaded a new video on Trust Region Methods. Please watch it before our online lecture on Monday, as we will continue with Trust Region Methods.
In addition, I want to let you know that we are continuing with an online lecture on Mondays and videos for Fridays. No physical lectures will be held.
Have a good weekend!
24.03.21 Physical Lectures Cancelled
In light of today’s email from the rector, our physical lecture on April 12th will have to be held digitally. Please find the zoom invitation in the email sent out via BB. For Fridays, I will continue to upload videos.
08.03.21 Physical Lectures Starting from March 15th

Dear participants of Optimization 1,

As most of you seem to prefer physical lectures, we will start with a physical lecture each Monday. So, the first lecture will be on March 15th in room S5 according to the lecture plan.
I will continue with providing lecture videos for the Friday lectures.

I could see that many of you have already registered for the project groups – thank you! In case that you are still not registered or do not know anybody in the course, please contact me. You can also contact me in case you are involuntarily registered in one group by yourself.

Best regards,
24.02.21 It seems that most of you prefer option A - live session with a presentation highlighting the ‘big picture’ of what we have learned so far. So, we will have this live session during 12:15-14:00 on Friday. Please see the zoom link in the email I sent you (it is the same zoom link as before).

Note that this session will not be recorded.
22.02.21 Dear students,

I will publish the project description by the end of this week. You will be able to submit your project in groups of 3-4 students. Please sing up in Blackboard under “Groups” by March 7th:

Note that you can only sign up once. If you already know who you want to be working with, please sign up at the same time to a specified group. Please note that you will only be able to submit your project after being signed up in a group.
I will let you know the deadline for the submission of your work soon.

22.02.21 Dear students,
On Friday (Feb. 26) we will have another review session. It will be mainly be about unconstrained
optimization problems. I have prepared a doodle poll (link sent to you via BB) where you can choose between the following options:

A We will have a live session with a presentation highlighting the ‘big picture’ of what we have learned
so far.
B We will have another question session.
C We will have a live session recapturing the methods for unconstrained problems guided by some numerical/Users/eakobis/Desktop/Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 13.45.56.png
D1 We will have a live Matlab programming session where some of the algorithms for unconstrained
problems are implemented and demonstrated. (This might take a bit longer than the usual 90 minutes.)
D2 The same as D1 but we will use Python3.
Please use your real names when signing in for the poll. The polls will close on Tuesday at midnight.

15.02.21 We will have another question session on Friday, Feb 19. We will use the same zoom link as last time (which I will send again to all the participants via blackboard). I have thus far received a number of questions that I will talk about on Friday. If there is anything you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to send in your questions.
03.02.21 A Piazza page has been created for this course. You can send in questions using Piazza. Please see this link:
Note that you do not have to make a donation to Piazza. The department has already done that on behalf of all the students.
01.02.21 Here is some information that some of you have been asking about: We will continue posting topic videos throughout the week on BB. Please, check regularly in BB for the new videos. In addition, please read the recommended study notes and chapters in N&W, as published in the lecture plan. If you have any questions, just send me an email or write to us in piazza. We will also schedule the next question session for next week, and I will send the link through BB.
23.01.21 Hi everyone,
The first two weeks of this semester have now passed and I hope that the start has gone well for you, despite us not being able to meet personally. I would like to inform you that, because of the size of our class, physical teaching is currently not planned yet. So, we will continue with providing topic videos, lecture notes and an online exercise class.
On Friday, 29th January, we will offer a Zoom session during regular class hours. If you have any questions, please send them to me (preferably before Thursday 10:00). I will prepare the answers and present them during this session.
In the meantime, please send me a message if you would like to take part in the reference group. We are still looking for students to participate. Thank you and see you soon.
Best regards,
08.01.21 Welcome to the new semester!

The lectures in the following two weeks (11.01.-22.01.) will be fully digital. Please see the lecture plan on

and read the required material. On our Blackboard page, you can find topic videos under "Learning materials".

The exercises will start in week 3 (18.01.-22.01). We are currently planning for them to be digital, until physical exercises are possible again. In addition to exercise classes, we will provide question sessions online. We will inform you as soon as a date has been set.

As soon as the situation allows for it, we will provide one physical lecture (and one digital one) per week.
2021-06-04, Elisabeth Anna Sophia Köbis