TMA4180 Optimization I, Spring 2016

The course description can be found here.


30.05.2016 The exam paper can be found here, and a preliminary solution proposal (as of now excluding the sketch in Problem 3a, but probably including lots of errors) here .
18.05.2016 The results of the project can now be found here. Feel free to stop by my office for some feedback on your project reports or if you have any questions concerning your grade.
29.04.2016 There will be a question session on Thursday May 19, 14:00-17:00 in lecture hall EL4. Please bring questions!
11.04.2016 The deadline for the project is postponed to Monday April 18, 18:00.
31.03.2016 I have reserved Nullrommet on Wednesdays April 6 and April 13 between 10-12. I will be available there for questions concerning the project.
08.03.2016 There will be no lectures in week 11 (March 14 and March 17). I will be available for questions concerning the project in the lecture rooms during the usual lecture hours.
08.03.2016 I have overlooked one particular special case in task 3 in the project: If the robot arm has only one segment and the point \(p\) is the origin, then the function \(d\) is constant (and thus in particular convex). Please disregard this special case and assume that the robot arm has at least two segments.
26.02.2016 I have updated the project description. Please let me know if you find further errors/parts that are unclear.
23.02.2016 The description of the semester project is available here. By now you should be able to answer the theoretical questions in the project and also implement the unconstrained optimisation problem needed for solving the inverse kinematic problem. For the other implementations you will need a quadratic penalty method, which we will discuss in the lecture in a few weeks (you can also find the method discussed in N&W, Chapter 17.1).
Please let me know as soon as possible if anything is unclear in the project description or if you find any errors.
22.02.2016 This week's exercise session (Thursday 25.02.2016) has been moved to S23 at 18:15-19:00.
15.02.2016 Later this week or during the weekend, I will publish the semester project. The deadline for handing in the project will be in the middle of April (after hopefully all students will have returned from Japan).
You can either work on the project alone or in pairs. If (and only if) you are looking for a project partner, please send me an e-mail before February 26. I will collect all the names and then randomly divide them into pairs.
15.02.2016 There will be no exercise session this Thursday (18.02.2016). Also, starting next week, Torbjørn will have office hours Tuesdays 12:15-13:00. He is located in office no. 1338 in SBII.
12.01.2016 Several students have reported collisions of the optimisation class with other lectures, and thus I try to reschedule the lecture. I therefore ask you to fill out this Doodle poll and indicate, which times are suitable for you.
Similarly, the exercise classes are currently scheduled to take place on Thursdays, 19:15-20:00, which is maybe not ideal for having classes. Please fill out this poll, so that we can find a better time.
07.01.2016 Welcome to Optimization Theory. The lecture will start on Monday, January 11.
2016-05-30, Markus Grasmair