Information about the lecture

Official course description


The lecture is held by Markus Grasmair, room 1040 SB2;

Time and place

  • Monday 15:15-17:00, lecture hall KJL3.
  • Thursday 10:15-12:00, lecture hall KJL4.
  • Office hours:
  • Torbjørn: Tuesday 12:15-13:00, office no. 1338, SBII.

The first lecture will be held on Monday, January 11.

Exercise sessions

The exercises are held by Torbjørn Ringholm.

The exercise sessions are held on Thursday 19:15-20:00 in room KJL3. The first session will take place on Tuesday, January 21.

The exercises will be published here.


The textbook used in the course is J. Nocedal and S. Wright: Numerical Optimization, 2nd Edition. Springer, 2006, (Errata).
This book is available in electronic form at Springerlink.


  • May 26 2016, 09:00-13:00.
  • Permitted aids are given by code C:
  • The rules for modifying the textbook are:
    • You are not allowed to write anything else than your name anywhere in the book
    • You may mark pages with paper marks (lapper) without annotation or by dog-earings (eselører)
    • You may mark text in the book by underlining/highlighting it (understreking/overstreking)
  • There will be a question session on Thursday May 19, from 14:00-17:00 in EL4.
2016-04-29, Markus Grasmair