TMA4180 Optimization Theory - Spring 2011


  • 26.05: If you have any questions before the exam, you can come and see Håkon at his office on June 1, 11:30–12:30 and Anne at her office on June 3, 14:00–16:00.
  • 15.04: The final curriculum and some review questions (not 53,54) are now available.
    Thanks to all of you for a pleasant term :-D, and good luck with the exams!
  • 11.04: The marks of the project is now available at It's learning.
  • 25.03: There will be no new exercise next week, but the exercise session will be held as normal. You can ask Håkon about all the previous exercises. You can also take a look at the exam from 2010. See Old exams.
  • 17.03: I am awfully sorry, but I will not manage to correct your project work before I leave. It will be done in week 14.
  • 17:03: Harald Krogstad will lecture the next two weeks (12 and 13).
  • 15.03: Problem 1 of exercise 6 has been corrected. Please disregard the old version.
  • 11.03: Because of low attendance at todays lecture, it has been postponed to Monday, 10:15-12:00, VA2 (exercise room and hours).
  • 04.03: It is still before midnight, and you will find the mandatory assignment here.
  • 04.03: You will find the mandatory assignment here some time before midnight tonight.
  • 18.02: There will be no new exercise next week, but the exercise session will be held as normal. You can come and ask about earlier exercises.
  • 04.02: The "graded assignment" will be handed out Friday March 4, with deadline Friday March 11, at 16:00. You can work in groups of up to two students.
  • 24.01: The extra lecture today will be given in VA2 (the exercise session room).
  • 19.01: See General information for the exercise session rooms.
  • 13.01: The exercise sessions have been moved to Mondays at 10:15–12:00. The room for the exercise sessions will be posted here. There is no lecture tomorrow and no exercise session on Monday 17.01.
  • 05.01: There will be an information meeting Thursday 13.01, 12:15 at F4. The ordinary lectures will start in week 3.
  • 03.01: Welcome to the home page for TMA4180 Optimization Theory.
2011-05-29, Anne Kværnø