TMA4175 - Complex Analysis: Spring term 2023


  • Dec 28th: The lectures are in English. This will be the second course in complex analysis (we assume that you have taken MA2106 or TMA4120, otherwise you have to work harder to follow the lectures). We shall follow the Ahlfors book and add some recent potential theory results. In the first lecture we will recall Cauchy's theorem (see Chap 4.1 of the book and section 1.1-1.2 of the notes)

  • Jan 10th: This is the source code of the notes, if you want you can make your own reading notes of the Ahlfors book and lectures based on that.

  • Mar 14th: We will discuss the text exam 1 in the exercise session in 17th Mar. The final exercise session is 31th Mar.

  • Mar 14th: No lecture in April 4, 6, 11 (Easter) and April 25, 27 (I will travel). So the final three lecture days are April 13, 18, 20. In May 2 and 4, we will discuss the text exam 2 and answer questions before exams. The lectures will be given by Yan He from 30th March to 20th April.

  • May 4th: This is the Cover page of the final exam (the exam is in english).

2023-06-07, Xu Wang