TMA4165 -- Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Spring 2020


12.08.2020 E-mails with time slots have been sent to all re-take examination candidates. Please contact me if you believe yourself to be candidate but have yet to receive such an e-mail.
28.05.2020 Further small amendments have been made to the cover sheet. Please find the updated version at the bottom of the Course Information page.
27.05.2020 Please find a revised examination cover sheet at the bottom of the Course Information page. There are slight wording changes. Italised square brackets will be filled in on the actual examination paper. You will be allotted 30 extra minutes for scanning and uploading beyond the indicated examination time.
12.05.2020 Please find an updated version of the mock paper at the bottom of the Course Information page. Some things have been modified — see announcement on Blackboard or check your email.
03.05.2020 Please find a mock paper at the bottom of the Course Information page.
09.04.2020 The KdV project can be found in week 15 of the lecture plan.
07.04.2020 The full collated set of lecture notes, with some amendments incorporated, is now available at the top of the "Lecture plan" page. Please do not distribute.
06.04.2020Please take a look at the consultation message on the format of exam for TMA4165 on "Reference groups" page. This was also sent to everyone registered in TMA4165 as an email, and posted on Blackboard.
31.03.2020 All Lecture notes have now been posted. A collated document will be uploaded at a later time, as shall solutions to exercises. In the revision week — next week — you will be looking at some project work that Professor K. Grunert devised for a previous incarnation of this module.
20.03.2020 A link has been included in the Lecture XXI Overleaf document to a screencast presentation on how to calculate indices fromphase portraits.
16.03.2020 The fifth problem sheet has been posted. See "Exercises" page.
16.03.2020 Lecture notes for Lecture XXI have been posted. I may post a recorded lecture later today. An Overleaf link to a .tex file of the notes has also been sent to you. Feel free to ask questions, post reponses, or comment on these notes as appropriate under the "Questions" and "Responses" section, but please refrain from editing the notes themselves. May I also suggest if you are unsure how to code up a certain symbol?
13.03.2020 Lecture and exercise class suspensions have been extended to the 26th of March, 2020.
12.03.2020 Lectures are suspended for the week of the 16th of March, 2020, due to University policy in response to the developing covid-19 situation. Please check for updates.
24.02.2020 The fourth problem sheet has been posted. See "Exercises" page.
17.02.2020 Solutions to Sheet 3 is up. See "Exercises" page. A date has also been set for the second reference group meeting: the 4th of March — for details, see the "Reference group" page
11.02.2020 Lectures on Tuesdays are now held in F2. Minutes to the first reference group meeting have been posted. See "Reference group" page.
05.02.2020 The exercise class on the 13th of February shall not be meeting.
02.02.2020 The third problem sheet has been posted. Solutions to Sheet 2 is up. See "Exercises" page.
26.01.2020 Some of the names of the phase portraits were incorrect as written. These have been amended and all phase portraits have been collected into one file. See "Lecture Plan" page.
19.01.2020 The second problem sheet has been posted. Solutions to Sheet 1 is up. See "Exercises" page.
06.01.2020 Lecture notes to the first lecture are up. See "Lecture Plan" page.
05.01.2020 The first problem sheet has been posted. See "Exercises" page. There are no compulsory exercises in this module.
05.01.2020 The date of the examination has been announced — Tuesday, the 2nd of June, 2020.
05.01.2020 Welcome to TMA4165 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. Lectures start in Week 2, exercise classes the week following.
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