A problem set will be given each week. They are part of the curriculum, but are not required to be handed in.

Each problem set is divided into two parts:

  • Part a: The solutions to these problems will be posted together with the problem set. Give it a try and ask if something is unclear.
  • Part b: These problems will be supervised / discussed in the exercise class. The solutions to these problems will not be posted.
No. Exercise Solution Session date Updates of solutions
1 Exercise 1 Solutions 1a 15.1
2 Exercise 2 Solutions 2a 22.1 
3. Exercise 3 Solutions 3a 29.1
4. Exercise 4 Solutions 4a 5.2 2.3 (ix) on 2.1
5. Exercise 5 Solutions 5a 12.2
6. Exercise 6Solutions 6a 19.2 and 26.2
7. Exercise 7Solutions 7a 26.2
8. Exercise 8 Solutions 8a 5.3
9.Exercise 9Solutions 9a12.3
10.Projectno solution  19.3
11.Exercise 10 Solutions 10a9.4
12.Exercise 11Solutions 11a16.4
13.Exercise 12 Solutions 12a23.4Contains the exercises about bifurcations.

The project: You are supposed to work on the project throughout the semester. It will be supervised in the exercise class. The solution will not be posted.

2018-04-04, Katrin Grunert