TMA4160 Cryptography - autumn 2010

LecturerKristian Gjøsteen
Lectures:Wednesday 08.15-10.00 in F4
Thursday 08.15-10.00 in F4
Exercise:Monday 14.15-15.00 in R54 or 380B15.15-16.00 in F6

Course material

We use Cryptography, Theory and Practice, 3. edition, by Douglas R. Stinson. Certain supplemental material can be found in Handbook of applied cryptography (HAC) by Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone.


Exam will be December 18 with permitted aids code B.


18/12: The exam and proposed solutions.


17-18/11: We worked our way through a series of election schemes, starting with a very simple example and working towards a more sophisticated example by formulating attacks and devising countermeasures to the attacks. Along the way, we discussed security requirements for elections in some detail.

2010-09-02, Kristian Gjøsteen