Problem Sets

Problems are posted each Wednesday. They are due on the Friday of the following week. Solutions are posted after the deadline.

Exercise set Solution Deadline (at 15:00)
Problem set 1 01.09
Problem set 2 08.09
Problem set 3 15.09
Problem set 4 22.09
Problem set 5 29.09
Problem set 6 06.10
Problem set 7 13.10
Problem set 8 20.10
Problem set 9 27.10
Problem set 10 03.11
Problem set 11 10.11 (13.11)
Problem set 12 17.11
Problem set 13 Will only be graded for those who need 1 more problem set for the exam. 24.11

Practical information

There will be a total of 12 problem sets, and you need to pass 8 of them in order to be eligible for the exam. Please contact your teaching assistant if you think you will have trouble meeting the minimum number of approved exercises. Exceptions will be made only under special circumstances.

Hand in your solutions next to "Matteland" (3rd floor of nordre lavblokk) in the shelf marked with TMA4145 and your group number, by the deadlines listed above. Alternatively, you may upload your solutions (either typed in tex or a scanned copy) in your account at

If you have completed the required amount of exercises in an earlier year, you are automatically eligible to take the exam. You can check whether this is the case by asking at the department office (7th floor of SBII). Note that none of the teachers in the course have access to the system used to check this (FS). It is strongly recommended that you still do this year's exercises.

Problems from earlier exams

Some of the exercises have been taken from exam problems from earlier years. We have tried to give a collect these problems in the table below. If you find another problem from the problem sets in an earlier exam, please contact Eirik and it will be added to the list.

Problem set Exam problem
Set 3, #3 2016, 4a
Set 8, #1c 2014, 5a
Set 9, #1 2014, 2b (but different numbers)
Set 10, #2 2016, 1b
Set 10, #4 2016, 5a
Set 11, #2 2013 cont, part of 6a
Set 13, #3 2016, 3
2018-08-12, Eirik Skrettingland