Please note that neither the lecturers nor the TAs have the capacity to answer everyone's questions by email!

Therefore, please contact them in this order if you have questions regarding the course material:

  1. If possible, wait for your problem class and ask the TA there.
  2. If it can not wait, please contact your TA by email - note that TAs do not get paid for this service.
  3. If the TA does not know the answer, ask the lecturers in class.
  4. If the TA does not know the answer and if it is very urgent, please contact the course assistant by email.

Regarding questions about the exercise sets, please follow the same procedure, but start by sending an email to the course assistant instead of the usual TAs. Regarding questions about the website or of administrative nature, please send an email to course assistant.

Note: Email addresses should never be printed directly on the web, as there are automated programs that search the web for email addresses to which they can send spam. Therefore, we have slightly modified the email addresses by writing:

  • "at stud" instead of @ stud.ntnu.no
  • "at ntnu" instead of @ ntnu.no
  • "at gmail" instead of @ gmail.com

and so on.


Andrii Bondarenko
Email: andrii.bondarenko at ntnu
Office 944, 9. floor, Sentralbygg II

Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard
Email: kurusch.ebrahimi-fard at ntnu
Office 1342, 13. floor, Sentralbygg II


Christian Skau
Email: christian.skau at ntnu
Office 1046, 10. floor, Sentralbygg II


See groups.

Reference groups

Reference groups consist of students who have volunteered to convey feedback from the students to the teaching staff. So, if you have comments, remarks or critics related to the course that you do not want to convey directly to the lecturers, you can contact them.

The reference group is selected during the first lectures.

2020-08-07, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard