To see which exercise group you have been assigned to, you must log in to the OVSYS system (using a regular NTNU username and password). There you also have an overview of how many approved exercises you have so far.

Note that you must deliver your solutions to the TA/group you are assigned to.

Lars Ankile
Benjamin Buan
Eivind Xu Djurhuus
Henrik Giske Fosse
Adrian Hatletvedt
Morgan Heggland
Jone VĂ¥ge Henriksen
Agnes Hjeltnes
Isabel Lam
Kristin Moengen
Elen Katrine Paulsen
Nore Rystad
Andreas Rystad
Marcel Sommerfelt
Tarje Rusten Wang

2020-08-29, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard