TMA4130 Matematikk 4N and TMA4135 Matematikk 4D – Autumn 2023

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06.12.23 The exam with solution proposal can be found here.
15.11.2023 The formula sheet is now available (check the "Exam" tab on the left).
6.11.2023 Lecture tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th, (Mathematics 4N) will be in room S3, usual time 12:15-14:00. Eugenia
5.11.2023 I have added a more detailed notebook on frequency filtering using the FFT, under "additional material". I hope it helps! Best, Douglas
3.11.2023 For those in need: see the exercise page for information about exercise set 13.
23.10.2023 Today's 4D lecture has to be cancelled, due to sickness in the family. We should be back in usual business on Friday, though!
20.10.2023 Today’s lecture in 4N (TMA4130) has to be cancelled, unfortunately. Please, watch the video from yesterday’s lecture instead ( The lecture notes can be found on the wiki-page, as usual. Please send your questions via the mattelab, and I will answer them before the next lecture.
19.10.2023 Today’s lecture (Matte 4N – TMA4130, parallell 1) will be held from 12:15-14:00 online via zoom (and not in the lecture room):

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Meeting ID: 936 7086 1555
Passcode: 521944
10.10.2023 The files for the optional exercises of exercise sheet 8 have been slightly updated, please have a look at them if interested.
30.09.2023 The Tuesday plenumsregning (03.10) will be in room EL3 (same time as usual). The change is only for this one week. As this room is smaller we would appreciate if those who can choose go to the Thurday session.
27.09.2023 For help with the exercises you can find last years exam formula sheet here. Note that there can be changes for this years exam.
25.09.2023 Typo in Exercise sheet 6, task 1 c): \( g(t) = 8 \) if \( t>1 \) and not as before, see the updated version
24.09.2023 Dear students in Mathematics 4N,
I am unfortunately sick this week and unable to give the lectures. Please refer to our wikipage for pre-recorded videos and lecture notes for this week. Please use our mattelab forum ( to ask your questions; I will check and answer regularly. The exercises and plenary lectures (plenumsregning) will be given as usual.
With best wishes,
18.09.2023 Typo in Exercise sheet 4, task 1. The root one has to take is \( \tilde{x} = (a_n+b_n)/2 \) and not \( \tilde x = f((a_n+b_n)/2) \).
15.09.2023 Small error in Exercise sheet 3, task 4. The algorithm is not supposed to compute \(1/3\) exactly with every \(m\), but to tend to \(1/3\) with increasing \(m\). To clarify, the algorithm implements an integration rule that thus should become closer and closer to \(1/3\), which is the result of the integral we are looking for.
14.09.2023 4N: The first reference group meeting is on Tuesday 19.09. Please give feedback to the students in the reference group before this.
12.09.2023 Exercise sheet 4 had a typo that has now been corrected. Problem 3a) is supposed to start from \( x_0=1 \).
04.09.2023 This is regarding exercises hand-ins. Due to technical issues that may occur, we ask to please compress the .pdf file and the .ipynb file/s together in a single folder and upload the single compressed folder to ovsys instead of two different files.
22.08.2023 We have added an additional Plenumsregning class, Tuesday 16.15 - 18.00, please check under "Exercises" for more information.
14.08.2023 Welcome to the courses "Mathematics 4N" and "Mathematics 4D" in Autumn 2023. Lectures will start in Week 34, exercise classes one week later.
2023-12-06, Elisabeth Anna Sophia Köbis