TMA4130, Matematikk 4N, høst 2020

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Here is the English version of the exam; solutions can be found here.

Exam information

  • Date: 28.11.2020
  • Time: 09:00
  • Duration: 4 hours (+30 minutes for uploading of files)
  • Place: digitally in Inspera Assessment
    • If you experience technical problems during your exam or when submitting your answer, contact technical support immediately. The contact information is stated on the cover page of the exam.
    • Do not contact the lecturers about technical problems.
  • Grading scale: Pass/fail.
    • The same grading scale will be used in the continuation exam in August.
  • Permitted examination aids:
    • All offline support material is allowed. This includes in particular all handwritten or printed material as well as downloaded notes or e-books. All calculators are allowed.
    • Online sources are not permitted.
    • This is an individual exam, and collaboration during the exam is not allowed and will be regarded as cheating. Specifically, this includes all communication with others about exam problems, and also the exchange of (partial) answers. More information about cheating at exams can be found here:
  • Answers:
    • All questions in the exam will require hand written answers. These answers have to be uploaded as PDF files. Typed answers are not permitted and will not be graded.
    • Make sure that your answers are readable.
    • Write your candidate number, course code (TMA4130), exam date, and page number at the top of each sheet. The page number refers to the page number for the current file, not the whole exam.
    • Do not write your student number or other personal information anywhere on the sheets.
    • Feel free to write on a tablet, if you have one available. Remember to export your answers as a PDF-file before uploading them.
    • Alternatively, you may write on a sheet of paper and take images with your camera or phone afterwards. In this case, you should use a dark pen and white A4-papers for best contrast. Instructions and suggestions for the conversion of images to PDFs can be found here:
    • The PDFs should not contain any personal information. Instructions on how to remove personal information from PDFs can be found here:
    • All answers have to be justified, and they should include enough details and auxiliary calculations in order to see how they have been obtained.
  • Preparation:


09.11.2020 NTNU has decided to cancel all written exams and replace them with home exams. As a consequence, the grading scale in our course has been changed to pass/fail.
28.10.2020 Til alle studenter i TMA4130.

Institutt for matematiske fag har besluttet at høstens eksamen skal gjennomføres som en vanlig skriftlig skoleeksamen, gitt situasjonen i dag. Det planlegges å tilby en ekstra eksamen tidlig i januar for de som ikke kan møte på den ordinære eksamen nå i november/desember.

Eksamen skal gjennomføres på en trygg og god måte, og NTNU sentralt samarbeider med kommune og helsemyndigheter for å sikre dette.

Har du henvendelser vedrørende eksamensform eller eksamensgjennomføring nå i forbindelse med corona, så vær vennlig og ikke kontakt faglærerne om dette, men bruk

På vegne av Institutt for matematiske fag
Instituttleder Einar Rønquist
22.10.2020 I have uploaded the formula sheet and added some (preliminary) information regarding the exam under Course information.
01.10.2020 I have added some information about the Jupyter hub for this lecture.
22.06.2020 Welcome to the course "Matematikk 4N" autumn 2020. Lectures start on Week 34, exercise classes the week following.
2020-11-30, Markus Grasmair